Fit to Transpire

Have you ever had to press the palm of your hand into your chest?

The ache in my heart is often so physical, I feel like there should be a yoga pose to access it. Maybe there is … It’s not necessarily a bad ache – sometimes it aches as it swells open and expands with love and shared, knowing smiles. Sometimes it contracts with pain, making me roll in my shoulders for a concave chest – fear, loss, and desperation. Yet the actual physical, tangible ache is real. I press the palm of my hand to my chest so I can absorb it. Feel it ache. Acknowledge it. It’s a sensation. It passes.

But what it draws attention to is the intricate, inseparable existence of the body/mind. My body translates emotion, and my emotions manifest in my body. Today I sat still with my hand on my chest – for 5 minutes or so – and was able to harness it. Like the warmth from my hand was keeping the hurt alive, reaching through flesh and holding it still. I wanted the ache to stay a while, so I could break it down, beat by beat … breath by breath.

The ache is gone now; and it will return. I can still feel the slight burn in the palm of my hand where my body shared heat with my thoughts, and my thoughts warmed through – fit to transpire.

    Sian Alexia


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