taste of wind

It feels like horizon

One beaten down from heights it admired

Pushing against a rib cage full of feats

she’d forgotten

He defeated

A strangled cry in a room full of bliss

The shadows don’t match the shapes

as the shapes don’t match the minds

Eyes are stained

Glass tears above the alter

She’s forgotten

How to beg

How to heal

How to pick up stones and ignite them

The way the air told her secrets and the wind took them far

How to live there, as be loved there

Seek it out

Stop the blood that spills

at the neck   cork soaking the taste

on her lips

She forgot

To hold the glass near

     To drink

To draw deep

and free the forgotten sun

Screw out the shadows and scream

in the wind

Lie flat in the rain

                      and drink.

Sian Alexia