There are times in my life when I have …had ….get … a choice. Choice is everything – right or wrong, here or there, this or that ….. life or death. 


I’ve had choices. But it’s absence of choice that has come to define me. 

I did not choose this life.

This life of wanting, hating, starving, regretting. This I did not choose. 

This life of beautiful, cooing daughters and laughing, warming sons. This i did not choose. 


yet here i am. So many smiles stolen, so many smiles blessed upon – and of all I feel powerless. As if possessed, the roads just lead themselves. This disordered mind found it’s own order and paved a volatile future for I and all those who shall fall within my reach. And I feel bitter yet thankful ….. angry yet grateful …. 


all without a choice. 

A word to the wise? fight for your choices, yet fight not the fateful needs.

 Choose with fervor. for when you are without a choice? you will come undone.