Half-way Mother

I will battle every day to be a mother first and a broken woman while he sleeps.


4 thoughts on “Half-way Mother

    1. It hurts doesn’t it ? I can love my child to the bones – breathe, sleep and feel him every day …. yet It can’t take away the shards of glass so bitterly threaded through my vision. I will be a mother first , but my illness is also a part of who i am, a dark poisonous part that is unwanted but just as much a reality as the child of my blood.

      People might stare at me in silent dis-approval when i acknowledge my anorexia as a fact rather than a taboo – they expect me to whisper is dark corners, as if admitting to mental illness is being “a bad mother” . But they don’t know that my acceptance of this disease, my refusal of denial, is the first and only step I have ever made toward a better life.

      I might be a half way mother – But that’s a whole half mother more than I could be.

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