End Credits

{Exhaust [ig záwst]
1.   tire somebody out: to make somebody feel very tired or weak

2.   use something up: to use up all that is available of something

3.   try out all possibilities: to try out or consider every one of a number of possibilities

4.   say everything about something: to say or write everything about something, so that nothing is left to be discussed

5.  drain something of its resources: to draw off or use up all the resources contained within something  }

“When the blood dries in my veins and my heart feels no more pain”


I am exhausted. Exhausted from all the questioning, the searching, the trying. My mind is Exhausted, my body, my soul. My heart has no beat left to fend for itself. “ I know I’ll be on my way to Heavens door”
Truth be near, there is so little we can do once our emotions drain. There is no refuel station once we run out of happiness – no sugar fiend energy drink or white smoke Cocaine, just as there is no pesticide when the sadness takes too much, no curtains to pull or eyes to close. “I know when I knock,  I’ll be hoping I don’t drop”
Our bodies are amazing things  – made to endure hardship, heal wounds and fight for their survival“to a place where I will Rise Like before” but all this is useless. Proven a mockery when my mind has no such brute. It’s not strong enough, too long violated and too late for redemption.
“I can feel something happen that I’ve never felt before”


Can we beckon an end or are we forever condemned to deny it ? Is that not the human condition? I feel the end is nigh , yet I fear the end is nigh. Survive but cease living …. I live in the spaces in between what lives. “hopeless Dreaming starts, Dragging me away from heavens door


Its exhausted. Weakened. Empty. Impossible. Nothing. Drained. “when my heart stops beating  and my lungs stop breathing in air”
Gone. “I hope somebody Cares”

Sian Alexia
(Lyrics Courtesy of Chase and Status – End Credits)



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