White Noise

White Noise

Violent white walls, bleached of echoes, sterile

choking voices

Submerge her in a shell of fear

hidden from the world , to writhe

in consequence

Bind inconstant hands away from

knives. Draw forth her


Inject it into her temporal veins

as a drug

Direct line to her soul. Shatter’

that life

Violent metal, shining it haunts

Imitation, the chains

The chains in her mind

With crooked tools, bind her straight jacket

for blood appears

With straight files, grind her bent


Consume desire, mocking, distorting


Haunting, Violent metal

The chains in her mind

Violent you, she’s broken Glass

on flesh

Shattered, screaming edges

begging to claim a mayter

Face – inconstant moon forgets

gutteral chokes

Stolen scent of Need

Frozen fingers

tracing crooked lines with

crooked tools

Bind her straight jacket

Violent white walls

Violent metal

Violent You

The chains in her mind

Sian Alexia Doole.

Just something I did a while ago that I would pop up here.

I have been trying to think of something great and inspiring and interesting to put up here so people will actually enjoy reading it, and in that process, I realized that is exactly my problem most of the time – I am constantly trying to do something, say something, look a certain wat so that I can be someone to others, so I can be noticed and seen and good enough. This whole illness, this disease that has ripped me and my life to shreds, all because I fucking think I am no one. What a joke.

Just for the record. It’s not worth it.


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