Divine in Youth

Divine In Youth

immature pieces constructed

in air

colours and softness and

Pink cheeks in snow

Insatiable fervor

Wanting with scent

Of multicoloured train tracks

In sight, without smoke

Questions, inadequate and’


Verse injected with the comfort of


It’s bliss

It’s a cleanse , shapes

built disproportioned

Inconsistent lines

free of form

Purity, sureness of


baring the brand of fairy

Wings, their sewn without

Labour, of tool

Rest, swimming far

Palour of knowledge, far

Apathy, some long sighted

freight, or Nightmare

‘No welcome from crisp


that lull.

Jewels, alive in


swarming the edges of’


Hum a tune, feel it

Sooth a pain

that’s MIne

reveal to me the


when all of Youth was



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